Learn Brushes with Anthony

When it comes to the history of drum education, there are a many popular methods and approaches for students and teachers to choose from. However, the history of brush education tells a different story. Apart from a select few books (Brush Artistry by Philly Joe Jones, or The Sound of Brushes by Ed Thigpen to name a couple) it is almost impossible to source material that goes beyond groove patterns.

Over the past few years, I have developed a comprehensive, step-by-step method for playing and learning brushes and I feel it is now my obligation to pass it on to you. Hundreds of drummers from all over the globe have learned my method with incredible results.

I am extremely passionate about sharing my brush method with as many people around the world, and am hoping to lead the way for the next generation of brush masters!

There are many free and paid options for you to choose from, to improve your brush playing.


Instantly improve your brush playing. During the 1-hour group session Anthony will ask you to play a few grooves with brushes and then will collectively work on improving techniques, sound and choreography. Be prepared to have your camera on so Anthony can see your hands, and please come with an open mind.


Facebook Group

Be part of this thriving Facebook group dedicated to brushes. Connect with like minded drummers, share techniques and videos, and be the first to hear about special events and new products.

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YouTube Channel 

This channel is your one-stop-shop for free brush lessons. Along with lessons, Anthony shares brush related product reviews, quick tips and brush performances.


Book a 60 Minute Brush Lesson

Many students from around the world have improved their brush playing by studying with me one-on-one. Don't waste another minute trawling the internet looking for 'how to' videos on brushes. Let me teach you a proven method that will give you confidence and freedom with brushes.

All lessons are conducted on Zoom with various camera angles designed for maximum benefit from your perspective.

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