Phrasing and Freedom with Brushes

Phrasing and Freedom with Brushes is like no other book available. Written by Melbourne drummer Anthony Stanislavski, the reader will gain a comprehensive set of skills that will free up their brush playing forever!

The book includes: swing, shuffle, jazz waltz, up tempo, ballad, bossa nova, salsa and funk pattern choreography. Single & double stroke roll, single stroke 4, paradiddle and numbered stroke roll applications. 6 note stickings and foot applications. 8 original compositions with lead sheets and fully notated interpretations. Drum-less backing tracks for all exercises and songs. Video performances of all material at multiple angles.

Never before has there been such a comprehensive resource available. This is a must for anyone wanting to take their brush playing to new heights!

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Florian Alexandru-Zorn

"Anthony has created a great system with this book, with which one can learn the brushes in a clearly understandable way. The supporting videos are well produced and allow it so that a clear comprehensibility is given to the student."

Steve Price

"I've gone through pretty much all the material out there and this is easily the most comprehensive, structured, and common-sense method available. It overcomes the inherent challenges of notating brush strokes by including videos from multiple angles of everything from the most basic strokes through full musical performances in a variety of styles. I can't recommend it enough."


Rory Quinn

"Phrasing and Freedom with Brushes is one of the only drum books out there that can take you well beyond just the basics of brushes. All the material takes you from basic beginner exercises to direct musical application in his play-along recordings and composed pieces."




Vol. 1

A polyrhythm occurs when two or more rhythms from different meters are used simultaneously. On the drum kit, a cross rhythm takes this one step further by layering grooves from different meters simultaneously, using the same subdivision. 

Creativity with Cross Rhythms sets out a group of exercises that trains your ear and hands to hear and play odd groupings in common grooves. They are designed to develop your four-way coordination, increase your rhythmic awareness and security, and strengthen your sense of time.

The eBook features warmups, exercises, and musical applications accompanied by slow, medium, and fast practice backing tracks. There are video demonstrations of all material shot at multiple angles, and you’ll learn how to play 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8-note groupings in shuffle, rock, and swing grooves.

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Beginner's Guide to Big Band Drumming

As an educator, Anthony Stanislavski has taught many students over the years and really enjoyed discovering new resources to enhance his teaching. He owns just about every book written on big band drumming and although these are fantastic resources, in general they are a little too advanced for a drummer taking on the style for the first time. So that is why Anthony wrote this book.

The Beginners Guide to Big Band Drumming sets out; a method for interpreting drum charts, exercises to develop co-ordination and control, and charts to apply the learned skills. The reader will learn how to orchestrate short and long note phrases, how to approach section and ensemble figures, and how to tackle rests and fills. There are also two big band charts written specifically for this book to apply the learned skills.

Each exercise and chart come with four drumless play-along backing tracks, from slow to fast tempos and there are also video and audio demonstrations on all the material covered in the book.

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Michael Julian

"The Beginner's guide to BiG BAND DRUMMiNG articulates quintessential elements of big band playing which you can also apply to a variety of rhythm sections that working drummers must be literate in."

Adrian Smith

"The exercises are laid out and demonstrated in methodical and thorough way, which allows the student of big band drumming, both beginner and intermediate, to attain the necessary fundamentals in theory and practice to step into the unique, wonderful and sometimes challenging world of Big Band drumming with confidence."

Dan Slater

"By the time a player has finished with this book, I'm sure they'll have the tools to investigate the style further and work out how to weave in their own style over the solid foundation Anthony has helped them build."


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