Gain Freedom with Brushes - Core Techniques

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Are you ready to take a deep-dive into the art of playing with brushes?

This course is specifically designed for the advanced drummer in mind. Take control of your drumming TODAY and learn the techniques that are only possible with brushes.

Gain Freedom with Brushes - Core Techniques takes you on a step-by-step course of lateral techniques, groove patterns and improvisational vocabulary that is guaranteed to make you a better all-round drummer.

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Anthony Stanislavski

Hi, I'm Anthony - professional drummer, educator and author of Phrasing and Freedom with Brushes, and Beginner's Guide to Big Band Drumming.

I joined the Australian Army Band when I was 18 and started teaching soon after. Throughout my time as an educator I have been passionate about finding the best resources for my students to learn from. But I often struggled to find exactly what I wanted to teach, so I began creating my own materials. 

For the past 5 years, I have taken a deep-dive into the world of brushes and have developed a step-by-step method for teaching what is considered a dying art form. This has resulted in the publication of my book Phrasing and Freedom with Brushes, and now Gain Freedom with Brushes online courses.

I am so incredibly honored to be associated with the following companies:

Core Techniques - 4 Week Course

Throughout the 4 weeks, you will learn choreography that will enable you to play a broad range of brush vocabulary. Each week you will be presented with a new technique that will serve as a TEMPLATE for you to put your own ideas upon.

Course Outline

Week 1: One-Direction Singles funk, shuffle, afro-cuban 6/8 and train grooves

Week 2: Two-Direction Singles - shuffle, funk and samba grooves

Week 3: Singles with Cross-Over - afro-cuban 6/8, swing and funk fills

Week 4: Supplementary Techniques - double stroke roll, 5 stroke roll fills, anti-clockwise grooves, single stroke 4 and paradiddle grooves.

Lesson Videos

1080p HD videos with multiple angles and embeded notation.

Fully Notated PDFs

Notation that includes brush diagrams, arrows and symbols.

Practice Tracks

High quality drum-less tracks recorded by live musicians

Self Paced


Core Techniques course

PDF downloads

Drum-less practice tracks

Access to private FB community

Weekly feedback from Anthony


Next Course Begins 9th July 5:30pm US Central Time

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Core Techniques course

PDF downloads

Drum-less practice tracks

Access to private FB community

Weekly feedback from Anthony

Live Zoom group sessions

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