Play Brushes As Smooth As A Rhino On A Slip 'N Slide 

Introduction to Lateral Brush Techniques is a 4-week crash course in brush playing that will have you sweeping around the head with elegance and mastery.

Whether you’re a beginner drummer who wants to develop some solid chops, a weekend warrior looking to expand your bag of tricks, or a seasoned pro looking to add a little extra spice to your patterns, Brush Basics is the course for you.


What's It All About?


What makes this course so special?

Unlike many online drumming courses, you will be given access to me, the instructor. At the end of each lesson video, I set homework assignments for you to practice, record and upload to the private Facebook group. I will then give you written feedback on your progress.

Brush techniques can be quite challenging to grasp so along with the videos and notated PDFs, I believe it is important than I am with you every step of the way.

"This course provided me clear patterns that are usable and easy to remember. Using the train tracks guide illustrated a strong link between all styles and didn't require me to learn an extreme amount of choreography." 


Professional Drummer and Teacher. Melbourne, Australia

Anthony Stanislavski

Hi, I'm Anthony - professional drummer, educator and author of Phrasing and Freedom with Brushes, and Beginner's Guide to Big Band Drumming.

I joined the Australian Army Band when I was 18 and started teaching soon after. Throughout my time as an educator I have been passionate about finding the best resources for my students to learn from. But I often struggled to find exactly what I wanted to teach, so I began creating my own materials. 

For the past 5 years, I have taken a deep-dive into the world of brushes and have developed a step-by-step method for teaching what is considered a dying art form. This has resulted in the publication of my book Phrasing and Freedom with Brushes, and now Introduction to Lateral Brush Techniques online course.

I am so incredibly honored to be associated with the following companies:

Introduction to Lateral Brush Techniques - 4 Week Course

This course will give you the initials skills required to play brushes with confidence and freedom. Throughout the course you will learn brush techniques and choreography that will enable you to play any groove, rhythm or improvisational idea that your ears desire.

Course Outline

Week 1: Sweeps, taps and angled taps

Week 2: Quarter-note and eighth-note pattern, ballad, funk and bossa nova grooves

Week 3: Swing and shuffle grooves, triplet fills

Week 4: Jazz waltz grooves and 3/4 triplet fills

"Intro to Lateral Brush Techniques was such a great course and the Facebook group feedback was an excellent addition, well worth the money spent. I will gladly do more of Anthony’s courses."


Professional Drummer. Tasmania, Australia

Lesson Videos

1080p HD videos with multiple angles and embeded notation.

Fully Notated PDFs

Notation that includes brush diagrams, arrows and symbols.

Practice Tracks

High quality drum-less tracks recorded by live musicians.

4-Week Course


Guided Feedback

Lateral Brush course

PDF downloads

Drum-less practice tracks

Access to private Facebook community

Weekly feedback from Anthony


Personalised Feedback


+ 1 Follow-Up Lesson

Lateral course

PDF downloads

Drum-less practice tracks

Access to private Facebook community

Weekly feedback from Anthony

One 60min Zoom lesson


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