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  • 80+ Video Lessons
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  • Monthly technique building sessions
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  • The skills needed to play ANY gig with brushes

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The FJC Pack

Get the hippest drumless tracks goin' round!

The Drum-Less Bundle comes with both the Swing/Shuffle Pack and the FJC Pack. That's 21 tracks in various tempos and styles.

What's Included:

The FJC Pack

  • 2-Feel / 4-Feel 136 BPM
  • 5/4 Swing 168 BPM
  • 12-Bar Blues 112 BPM
  • Country Train 150 BPM
  • Funk 78 BPM
  • Funk 80 BPM
  • New Orleans 85 BPM
  • Funk 97 BPM
  • FUNK 112 BPM
  • Jazz Waltz 120 BPM
  • Jazz Waltz 180 BPM

All tracks can be streamed online or downloaded for your practice.