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From Irish pubs to jazz clubs, from the studio to the stadium, Anthony is a world class drummer with years of professional experience. So far, 2017 has been a busy year and he is keen to continue working and contributing to Australia's music scene. Get in touch and see how you could work together.





Anthony is a Melbourne drummer who loves making music, he regularly performs in rock, jazz, funk, and Irish bands.

He has recorded and played with many artists including with Leigh Kernaghan in front of 90,000 people and 5 million television viewers. His professional work has taken him overseas, and right around the country. Some career highlights include the Melbourne Grand Prix performances in 2015 and 2016, live halftime entertainment at the ANZAC day AFL match, and the 'Army in Concert tour' with Guy Sebastian and Marina Prior.

Anthony has been a professional musician in the Australian Army Band since 2002 and completed a Bachelor of Music Performance in 2013. He currently teaches at many colleges in Melbourne, directing junior and senior percussion ensembles as well as providing individual tuition for Drum Kit and Keyboard percussion.

In between concerts and tours, you can regularly find Anthony at the Paris Cat Jazz Club, and other Melbourne music venues.


Current and future musical ventures
Picture of Anthony in blue shirt working on drumming exercises


Request a custom made chart

"...two hours later, I get an email saying it's done. This was no ordinary drum transcription, the song was by the Architects and was a very technical song. I was left speechless. The chart was very readable and accurate, I am inspired by how quickly he did it - I never thought that it was possible. I would recommend Anthony to anyone as he is an amazing drummer and really awesome at his craft. A nice guy as well..."

- Matt Mallardi

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Mobile: 0414 184 510