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I believe that musical creativity does not come naturally to most musicians, therefore it must be worked on. When developing new ideas into your playing it is important to workshop them in as many different time signatures, subdivitions, permutations, orchestrations and styles as possible. This way they gradually and intuitively become a part of your vocabulary, giving you a personal connection to the idea, not just a 'lick' that may or may not feel natural to you. Below are some of my lessons that hopefully give you ideas for constructing your own method of creativity.

5th May 2017 - Paradiddle-Diddle workout (Video)
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In This lesson I explore a method of expanding a simple rudiment beyond its basic form. The Paradiddle-diddle is a non-alternating pattern, but when added to a Single Paradiddle, alternation is possible.

11th April 2017 - Cross Rhythms (Video)
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According to the New Harvard Dictionary of Music, a cross-rhythm is "a rhythm in which the regular pattern of accents of the prevailing meter is contradicted by a conflicting pattern and not merely a momentary displacement that leaves the prevailing meter fundamentally unchallenged." Confused? Hopefully my video will demonstrate to you what ye olde Harvard was talkin' 'bout!!!

24th March 2017 - Applying Paradiddle-diddles (Video)
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In this lesson I take the first pattern from the Paradiddle-diddle workout and play it around the kit as 16th notes. Variations are created by accenting certain notes.

5th January 2017 - Inward Paradiddle-diddle workout (Video)
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In this lesson I demonstrate what I call the Inward Paradiddle-diddle and use the Paradiddle-diddle workout page as a template. Instead of calling it a 6 stroke roll (which is more accurate!) I like to think of it as an extended Inward Paradiddle. Either way it's just a 6 note pattern.